Credit: Tony Mastres


The IGPMS provides broad interdisciplinary training leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Marine science encompasses many disciplines including biology, geology, chemistry, physics and engineering. We recognize the intrinsic interdisciplinary nature of modern marine science and the necessity for cross-disciplinary graduate-level training through a graduate program that brings together a broad range of marine faculty from eight different departments. Students also build depth-biological, chemical, and physical oceanography, marine optics and remote sensing, marine geology and geophysics, marine biology, paleoceanography, ocean engineering and marine policy can all be pursued by students in IGPMS.

Faculty Sponsors

Both prospective Masters and PhD students applying to IGPMS must have a faculty sponsor before they can be admitted. Contact individual faculty whose research programs interest you well in advance of the application deadline.

Application Deadline

December 15th, 2023


Mengshu Ye
Staff Graduate Advisor

Alyson Santoro
Faculty Graduate Advisor