IGPMS Courses

IGPMS offers five core courses taught by IGPMS faculty through their home departments. Students can also take courses from Earth Science, EEMB (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology), Geography, MCDB (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology), and Mechanical Engineering to fulfill their units requirement.

Core Courses

Course Number Course Name Quarter Year Instructor
Earth 276 Geological Oceanography Fall 2020 Syee Weldeab
Geog 263 Introduction to Physical Oceanography Fall 2020 Nick Nidzieko
Earth 266 or Geog 267 Chemical Oceanography Winter 2021 Morgan Raven
EEMB 242 Marine Ecology & Conservation Winter 2021 Deron Burkepile
EEMB 243 Biological Oceanography Spring 2021 Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez


EEMB 243 - Biological Oceanography

Current concepts in biological oceanography focusing on the coupling of biotic processes to ocean physics, chemistry and sedimentation. Emphasis on areas of active research with critical evaluation of current and seminal literature.

Earth 266 - Chemical Oceanography

An introduction to the chemistry of the oceans. Topics include composition and chemical equilibria of seawater, biogeochemical cycling, sediment chemistry, atmospheric exchange, circulation and rates of mixing based on chemical tracers, and the impact of ocean chemistry on climate change.

Earth 276 - Geological Oceanography

Morphology, formation, and evolution of ocean basins; crustal structure and composition of ocean margins; source and composition of marine sediments; marine sediment as repository of paleoclimate and paleo-ocean circulation records. Paleoceanographic changes in relation to tectonics and changes in orbital parameters, links between changes in ocean circulation and climate changes.

Geog 263 - Introduction to Physical Oceanography

A graduate-level introduction to physical oceanography. Topics discussed include: properties of sea water, derivation and application of the equations of motion for a rotating planet, and the dynamics of wind-and buoyancy-driven general circulation.

EEMB 242 - Marine Ecology & Conservation

Provides an in-depth understanding of the biotic and abiotic interactions that determine ecological processes in marine environments, how these processes shape the structure of marine ecosystems, and how these principles are used to direct marine conservation and management.

Other Courses

Please use the course catalog to review course offerings from Earth Science, EEMB, Geography, MCDB, and Mechanical Engineering.


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