IGPMS Master’s Degree

Course Requirements

Seminar Courses for New Graduate Students

MARSC 595 – Seminar in Marine Science - 2 units - Winter quarter - A series of lectures and seminars on diverse research topics in marine science.

IGPMS-CORE Graduate Curriculum

Completion of 4 of the 5 courses below from the Marine Science core curriculum:

  • EEMB 243 (Biological Oceanography)
  • GEOL 266 or GEOG 267 (Chemical Oceanography)
  • GEOL 276 (Geological Oceanography)
  • GEOG 263 (Introduction to Physical Oceanography)
  • EEMB 242 (Marine Ecology & Conservation)

Twenty-four additional units of graduate and upper-division coursework in the student's area of interest, of which no more than 8 may be courses numbered 596 and above.

Presentation of one seminar per year at the Marine Science Graduate Seminar (MARSC 595)

Teaching Assistant Courses

There is no TA requirement for IGPMS, but students interested in pursuing an academic career are encouraged to TA at least once in their graduate careers. TAships are coordinated with the student’s advisor’s home department and Graduate Program Assistant. Graduate students who will be new TAs are required to attend a mandatory TA Orientation held prior to the start of the fall quarter.

Graduate Council Regulations Regarding Committees

  • Minimum of 3 UC ladder faculty, 2 (including Chair) must be in home department
  • Additional members may be at departmental discretion

Department Committees Requirement

  • Students must form a master’s committee during their first year.

Thesis Graduate Student Plans

Plan I: Thesis

A minimum of 39.0 units is required for the M.S. The M.S. requirements are designed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate individual student interests while also assuring a basic level of competence within Marine Science. Core courses must be passed with a grade of ‘B’ or better. M.S. candidates follow an integrated course of study recommended by their thesis advisor and thesis committee. The thesis committee will be nominated by the end of the first year in consultation with the student and the thesis advisor. It will consist of 3 faculty from the Interdepartmental Program, with the major professor serving as Chair.

Degree Checklist

Graduate Handbook

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